IoT Platform Development

IoT Platform Development

Enabling smart devices to go on the internet

  • Implementation of Device server communication of highly scalable servers
  • Design consideration for server and network failures
  • We use strong encryption for communication to make it secure
  • Key based authentication to prevent device emulation hacking
  • We use number of protocols and communication interfaces based on the requirement like NFC, WiFi, BLE, REST, ZigBee, MQTT, AlwaysON, Sockets etc

Platform development for smart devices and user interfacing

  • We work both with embedded and advanced distributed web systems to find the best possible solution to capture data, ingest it into data storages and keep it for further use or relay in real-time to endpoint devices. We’ll ensure that no bit of precious information about the physical world will go missing
  • We design the data collection schema such a way that data mining becomes easier

Data Analytics tools and smart

  • SQL & No SQL based data stores with a layer to quickly analyse and extend functionalities
  • Artificial Intelligence modules to enhance device capabilities
  • Third party service integration to enhance and augment the device capabilities